Roger Brocksom

  Now Cleopatra were t' Princess
Of Egypt, long ago;
They say she ruled it very well
Wi' pageant, pomp and show.

This lass were quite a pretty sight,
Her figure—one o' t' best;
Wi' long tight skirt from waist to heel
And not much round 'er chest.

She didn't wear no queenly robes,
Which some thought rather rash;
But when she'd paid for t' Pyramids
It left 'er short o' cash.

She weren't much struck wi' local lads,
They 'adn't got no passion;
But one day up come Antony
In short shirt—Roman fashion.

Now Tony, he were t' travelling man
For Caesar, boss o' Rome;
Fifth columnist he really were
And made himself at home.

Now Cleo lived on t' barge on t' Nile
Wi' dancing girls and such-like;
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