Roger Brocksom

Now Isabella, t’ Queen of Spain
Lived many years ago
In palace grand, plus husband and
Just piles and piles o’ dough.

She were quite young and pretty too
And loved to dance t’ Can-Can
But t’ King of Spain were reet decrepit-like
And wore out - poor old man.

So poor young Queen just had to find
Some other man to love
And when Columbus came t’ door
She cooed like t’ turtle dove.

Columbus, ‘e were selling fish
‘E’d caught off Timbuctoo
So when ‘t Queen said, “Come in,” ‘e said
“I don’t mind if I do.”

She gave the lad a reet big feed
In ‘er boudoir, an’ all
  And used up all ‘er wily tricks
To make Columbus fall.

Well, after ‘e’ ‘ad drunk ‘is wine
The saucy little miss
Made love to poor Columbus and
Asked ‘im for a kiss.

Now Isabella was so pleased
Wi’ such a likely boy
She said, “Now what can I give you
To stay in my employ?”

Columbus said, “Well, what I wants
A ship! Now don’t be vexed
America is just the place
To be discovered next.”

‘E promised to be faithful, so
She gave the lad ‘is ship
And pretty soon, in t’ light o’ t’ moon
‘E started on ‘is trip.

‘E soon arrived at New York, to
Be greeted with a band
And t’ President came down on t’ pier
To shake ‘im by the hand.
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