Roger Brocksom

  In England many years ago
Were Barons by the score
Dictators they was, all of 'em
That lived upon the poor.
There weren't no towns or cities then
Just villages, that's all
And Coventry were one o' these
That Barons held in thrall.

This Baron were a nasty piece
Of homework, so they say
And taxed and taxed 'is 'elpless serfs
Wot's more 'e made 'em pay.
'E spent the money that 'e dragged
From these poor 'elpless folk
In living high and mighty like
What a nasty bloke.

'Is wife, Godiva, she were dif-
ferent, she were so sweet
With lovely features, form divine
And plaits down to 'er feet.
She felt quite sorry for the serfs
Under the Baron's 'eel
And when 'e said 'e'd tax their bread
To 'im she did appeal.
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