Roger Brocksom
In England many years ago
Were Barons by the score
Dictators they was, all of 'em
That lived upon the poor.
There weren't no towns or cities then
Just villages, that's all
And Coventry were one o' these
That Barons held in thrall.

This Baron were a nasty piece
Of homework, so they say
And taxed and taxed 'is 'elpless serfs
Wot's more 'e made 'em pay.
'E spent the money that 'e dragged
From these poor 'elpless folk
In living high and mighty like
What a nasty bloke.

'Is wife, Godiva, she were dif-
ferent, she were so sweet
With lovely features, form divine
And plaits down to 'er feet.
She felt quite sorry for the serfs
Under the Baron's 'eel
And when 'e said 'e'd tax their bread
To 'im she did appeal.

'Don't tax their bread,' she cried, 'Or else
They'll starve, those poor dear folk,'
Then t' Baron, twisting black moustache
These dreadful words 'e spoke.
'If you're so keen to stop me act
On my decided course
Then you ride nude through Coventry
On that there great white 'orse.'

The lass were struck all of an 'eap
At what the Baron said
But then she thought of them poor serfs
And of the tax on bread.
And so she said, 'I'll ride that 'orse
And wi' nowt on an' all
I'll ride through t' streets of Coventry
And right past t' owd Town Hall.'

When t' villagers they heard that she
Would do this for their sake
They got together, just to see
What plans they all could make.
They all decided, there and then
And promised on the Book
That they'd all stay in doors that day
And promise not to look.

She waited for the next warm day
So as she wouldn't freeze
And the she loosed her lovely hair
That came down to her knees.
She mounted on 'er lovely 'orse
And through the town she rode
And 't horse, 'e didn't blink an eye
At 'is seductive load.

The villagers all hid indoors
Excepting one old lad
Called Peeping Tom, who squinted through
A cottage door. The cad!
But when 'e saw Godiva there
Not wearing any clothes
Then Providence, she struck 'im blind
In punishment, tha knows.

Which goes to show that Providence
Will strike at those who pry
So don't use bathroom keyholes, or
You'll get it in the eye.
The end