Roger Brocksom

  Some hundred years ago and more,
As I unfold this tale,
There lived Napoleon Bonaparte,
A nasty little male.

A Corsican 'e were by birth,
A soldier he by trade ;
Wi' dreams o' conquering world, when he
A General were made.

'E fought for France and won some wars,
Quite clever in 'is way;
And courted Josephine, a lass
'E met at t' Court one day.

'E were so very much in love,
'E felt 'e were inspired;
And got promoted, just to win
The lass that 'e desired.

Ole Nappy were a clever lad,
And being sorter balmy,
'E soon became a General
And boss o' France's army.

'E promised Josephine the world,
For 'e were proper caught,
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