And went to war to prove 'is case,
And won where'er he fought.

When 'e returned to Josephine
To claim 'er as 'is bride,
The rest of Europe were against
Him—no one at his side.

A married man 'e were when next
'E trundled off to war,
And having to desert 'is wife
Made 'im feel very sore.

In 1812 the Russians caused
Napoleon's retreat;
'E started out in t' Ford V8
But finished on t' flat feet.

When 'e got back to Josephine,
Expecting sympathy,
She gave 'im such a telling off
For missing t' victory.

She henpecked 'im from morn till night,
So poor old Bonaparte
'Ad got to go to war again
To win back Jose's heart.
  This time 'e made a big mistake,
As all dictators do ;
'E started out to beat England,
But met 'is Waterloo.

'E soon were beat by Wellington,
And taken prisoner;
And though 'e nearly conquered t' world,
'E finished like that there.

Some folk may wonder why that was,
But t' reason is quite plain;
A woman... that's wot spoilt the lad,
And caused 'is star to wane.

Until 'e married Josephine,
'E did hisself all right;
But from the day 'e married 'er,
She nagged 'im day and night.

So you ambitious officers,
Who fight in wars to-day,
Just keep away from marriage, or
You'll end up Nappy's way.
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