Roger Brocksom

  Now long ago in olden times,
There lived, in Middle East,
Delilah, Samson's wife was she,
Like Beauty and the Beast.

For Samson 'e were funny chap,
His ways was somewhat queer;
He wore 'is 'air right down 'is back,
And over either ear.

This weren't the fashion in those days,
For t' lads all wore short hair;
And t' kids cried "Pansy!" after Sam,
And rude words like that there.

But Samson weren't no weakling though,
For 'e could fight and box;
And t' secret of 'is long 'air were
It made 'im strong as ox.

So Samson made 'is living as
A strong man in a show ;
Great iron bars he'd break like sticks,
All wrestlers 'e could throw.

Delilah were quite proud o' Sam,
His strength and good looks too;
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