So it lifted its tail t' the 'eavens,
An' dropped some more stuff on the ground.

It were 'er from nex' door were the quickest,
An' scooped it all up in one swoop.
"It's t - t - tuppence a bag." 'Oward stammered,
As she give 'im some bones from 'er soup.

Then Alice, the knocker ups daughter,
Come strollin' right up t' the 'orse.
An' she give it an 'andful o' sugar,
That she'd soaked in a load o' prune sauce.

Now 'Oward an' Jim were still at it,
Still goin' 'ammer an' tongue.
Then the 'orse sort o' started t' gurgle,
We knew right away what were wrong.

Then the 'orse it set off at a gallop,
Sprayin' its stuff all the while.
An' it filled all us gardens wi' dollop.
An' Big Jim 'e started t' smile.

'E picked up a brush from me mother,
An' a shovel from 'er from nex' door.
Then 'e filled both 'is wellys with 'orse muck,
There were loads of it left on the floor.
  Now 'Oward, 'e knew 'e were beaten,
An' run off t' catch up wi' the 'orse.
But 'e slipped on a pile that were steamin',
An' skidded along on 'is arse.

'Oward were caked t' the eyeballs,
An' 'e wiped 'imself down with old rags.
While we all stood on t' doorsteps an' shouted.
"Don't waste it... that's tuppence a bag!"

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