Steve Morris

  I'm Marlene durin' office 'ours
In admin - Bradley's Bricks
Crosswords in mi dinner break
An' finish spot on six
I gets mi mum 'er shoppin' in
Sometimes I cooks 'er tea
Then I'm 'ome to Foxglove Avenue
Just seven cats an me

Just seven cats an' me that is
'Til the evenin's mid-way through
When I gets a gentleman caller round
An' some nights I gets two
But, please, don't get the wrong idea
Romance aint in mi brief
I just do 'personal services'
For blokes what need relief

It's the blokes what need relief, ya see
That 'elps mi pay the rent
An' where's the 'arm in cheerin' up
Some well 'eeled city gent?
Doctors, lawyers, VIP's
Mi diary's always packed
An' I've got this Chief Inspector chap
Who likes 'is bottom smacked
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