Chuzz16 aged 10
Graffiti Poet
This is one I co-wrote with a lady on the internet recently. She was only 10 when she wrote the first 8 lines with her father, then she and I added the rest a short time ago. Hope you all enjoy the childish joy of it. Graffiti Poet

A man came down from Mars one day,
The people all said go away,
They were afraid of him you see,
He didn't look like you and me.

He had two heads and forty legs,
That Martian had no toothy-pegs.
He came to us cause we had wealth
To get false teeth on National Health.

The Dentist sat him in his chair
His many legs were everywhere,
He said, "Though this may take a while
You'll smile just like a Crocodile."

He wasn't sure which head to choose
But knowing he had nowt to lose,
He said, "Relax, and open wide."
Then shone his torch and looked inside.

He saw three tongues all full of spikes
Then jumping back and shouting "Yikes",
For where he'd hoped to see some pegs
Were rows and rows of tiny eggs.

The eggs had shells so wafer thin
The light shone though and there within,
Were tiny little Martian men
Each egg containing nine or ten.

A jumbled mass of heads and legs
That left no room for any pegs,
He said, "Let's try the other one
And hope the eggs in there are gone".

But when he looked he saw again
More rows of eggs all filled with men,
The Dentist said, "I much regret,
I cannot fit your dentures yet."

"Until those eggs are fully hatched
The teeth I'd make would be mis-matched,
I think it's best we wait a bit
To make quite sure your dentures fit."

He said, "But please, before you go
There's just one thing I'd like to know,
Each egg it seems is full of men
Where are the girls, what's come of them?".

The Martian gave a gummy grin
And said, "Alas to my chagrin,
I thought you knew that unlike us
The girls are living on VENUS.

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