And arter that we finds no sign
I says to old Jack Delf,
"Look 'ere, I'll dive in the stormy main
And I'll fetch 'er up myself."
So, in I plunged, and down like lead
I goes in the seething wet
Where I bumped me 'ead on the ocean floor
You can feel the bump 'ere yet.

It was 'orrible dark, as I felt about
But no ship could I feel
So a match I strikes and peerin' round
I spotted her upturned keel.
I shouts to me mates at the top, "Righto!"
And they shouts "Righto!" again
And I makes for the surface
'Oldin' on to 'er windlass chain

I stepped on board and I 'auled 'er up
And, "Bravo Bill" they cried
As arter jib, with a piece of rope
To our bowsprit boom I tied.
The 'orses gets to the shore at last
And we 'auls 'er high and dry
And we finds as she's a Chinese craft
From the port of Li Dam Li.

  When we read 'er name, we thought at first
As 'ow we must be wrong
'Twas the Chinese Emp'rors private yacht
And 'er name was 'Long Shong Wong'
'Er crew we takes, and two by two
Their pigtails long we tie
And 'ang them up on a clothes line there
In the lifeboat 'ouse to dry.

And the followin' mornin' that celestial
Captain and his crew
Was walkin' about and talkin'
And they all looked good as new.
The Emp'ror wasn't on board 'imself
'E hadn't come out that cruise
But 'e sent for me, for an interview
As soon as 'e 'eard the news.

And 'e says, "Bill Bream, you're a man, you are
You are, by the big pink joss."
And then, with 'is own imper'al 'ands
Pinned on me breast the Cross
And Tom Slacks 'ere, 'e can bear me out
And 'e'll say if I've told you wrong
As to what I done in '52
At the wreck of the Wong Shong Long.

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