So Moses went out and he said to the Sheenies,
"Great news! Listen you chaps,
Toddle off home to your wives and tell 'em
To pack up their blooming traps

But first of all borrow your neighbours' clobber
Their toppers and dresses of silk
For, this evening, we start for a treat of a place
That reeks of honey and milk."

And the self-same night did the Hebrews bunk
Not a moment they delayed
And Miriam banged on a tambourine
And chanted, "The Anchor¹s Weighed."

Some days they marched, while the poor Egyptians,
Feeling extremely raw
Kept asking themselves, "What on earth did we lend
them our jewels and clothing for?"

And at last they went to Pharaoh, saying,
"Oh Monarch, these Hebrew dogs
Have gone and bunked it with all our treasures
As well as our Sunday togs."

  And Pharaoh cried, "That's their game, then, is it?
We¹ll soon be on their track
Get out a column of chariots quick
And we'll fetch the perishers back."

The King and his 'Tommies' set off in haste
And two days later, with glee
They spotted the Children of Israel
Camped on the shores of the blue Red Sea.

And when the latter beheld the army
A trembling affected their legs.
"For" they said, "If Pharaoh puts mits on us
Then it¹s up with us, sure as eggs."

But Moses calmed them saying,
"My pippins, don¹t worry, keep all serene
And I¹ll show you the smartest conjuring trick
That any one here has seen

Then he pointed his wand at the Red Sea waves
Crying, "Abracadabra! Fly."
And the sea went piling to left and to right
With a path up the middle dry!

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