Walter Stanford

  No, my hair hasn't always been pink, sir
It was once of a rich purple hue
But it's colour got changed on account, sir,
Of a terrible thing I went through

Will I tell you the story?... With pleasure
It's now only twenty to four
This train don't get in till 3.30
So we've still got the best part of an hour.

Well, for seventeen years, man and boy, sir,
I've followed my trade, you must know
I'm a steeplejack, in the employment
Of 'Weathercock, Faker & Co'.

It's an unhealthy life that we lead, sir,
A-climbing up steeples and shafts
For up at the top there, you see, sir,
We are so exposed to the draughts.

And then, there is always the danger
Of falling down hundreds of feet
Which, I needn't remind you, of course, sir,
Is by no means a Sunday School treat.

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