If it only once struck the conductor
I knew all was up with me
And there'd be a missus whose husband
Would never get home for his tea.

But, thank Heavens! in a few minutes
The storm was all over and gone
And a gentle wind blew from the East, sir,
While the earth sparkled bright in the sun.

And then, in the sky I saw something
And hope in my breast bubbled strong
'Twas a rainbow a-coming my way, sir,
The breeze, you see, blew it along.

Sir, you can't imagine my feelings
That rainbow gets near and more near
Will it come close enough to get hold of?
No - yes - no - yes - yes! It is here.

I made one desperate grab, sir,
Believe me it's true what I say
As I got both my arms round it
The last stitch behind me gave way.

  Then, round it I curled my legs lightly
And down of that rainbow I slid
As I'd done down the bannisters often,
At home, sir, when I was a kid.

I hung on the end for a moment
Then, seeing a dust-cart below
I thought, "Here's a soft thing to fall on."
Then loosened my hold and let go.

I climbed from the cart and invited
The driver to come for a drink
And 'twas then, in the bar, I discovered
My ringlets had faded to pink.

Yes, it's true I've had offers from Barnum's
They've been round to see me beside
They'd give me good money, I know, sir,
But there - I've my family pride.

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