Walter Stanford


In the chosen land of Palestine, three thousand years ago
Lived a certain Jonah Somebody, whose surname we don't know
Who earned an honest living, in that far off foreign part
By the exercise of prophecy, that very ancient art

One day he got instructions to proceed without delay
And tell the wicked Ninevites, 'There'd come a time some day.'
Now, Jonah didn't like the job and very angry grew
For it was the month of August, and his holidays were due.

'Be hanged to Nineveh,' he thought, 'I'll take an ocean trip.'
So he cycled down to Jobba, and at Jobba found a ship
He took a cabin ticket and paid his money down
And, in the afternoon, the good ship left for Tarshish Town
When, feeling rather qualmish, Jonah went below to doze
And, as he lay asleep, a fearful storm arose.

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