Then in a tick, before the skipper scarce had time to swear
Bang went the two propellers and the patent steering gear.

The boat shipped lots of water, so they woke the prophet up
And put him on at bailing with a spoon and breakfast cup
And while the crew kept pumping like the deuce to keep afloat
The captain said, "It strikes me, there's a 'hoodoo' on the boat."
The mate replied, "You've hit it, it's a pretty bit of biz
My lads, let's 'sell the pony' and see who the bounder is."

Well, Jonah 'bought the pony' and the captain and the crew
Said, "It's you that caused the trouble, Mister, what are we to do?"
Then Jonah answered like a man, he said, "It seems to me
This is a case of jettison. Here, chuck me in the sea.

  For when I cast my horoscope some years ago, I found
That I should never meet my latter end by being drowned."
And the mate said to the skipper, "Shall we do it? What d'ye say?
He's paid his fare, so we shan't be the losers, anyway."

"All right!" the captain answered, so while wind and water roared
They all shook hands with Jonah and then shoved him overboard.
Now, at that very instant that the prophet struck the brine
A whale, in passing, thought, "Hullo, here's something in my line!"

And the moment after, Jonah, with an oily sort of glide
Felt himself go slowly sliding down the animal's inside
And there three days he rested, with his boots on, fully dressed
The whale found he'd got something that he couldn't well digest.

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