Warren Hastings &
Herberte Jordan (1941)
 'Watkins, the family butler, addresses the young master
who is still abed'

A lady to see you, Mr. Archibald, sir. The matter appears to be pressing. Luncheon was served quite an hour ago, I did not awaken you, sir, as you know. There are times, sir, when sleep is a blessing. I have here some ice, sir, to place on your head, And also a whisky and 'polly'. I don't know what time you retired to bed, But the party sir, must have been jolly, If you'll pardon my saying so. The lady in question a-waiting below, Is accompanied, sir, by her mother, And also a prize-fighting gentleman, sir, A pugnacious character one might infer, Whom the lady describes as her brother. The elderly female is quite commonplace, A most vulgar person, I fear, sir, Who shouts in a nerve wracking falsetto voice, And her language is painful to hear, sir, If you'll pardon my saying so. The prize-fighter person is burning with hate. He refers to you, sir, as a 'twister.' He threatens to alter the shape of your 'clock,' To break you in half, sir, and knock off your 'block,' Unless you do right by his sister. The young lady says, sir, with trembling lips, That you made her a promise of marriage. She wants to know why she should eat fish and chips, While you, sir, ride by in your carriage, If you'll pardon me saying so. Sir John has a dreadful attack of the gout, He is fuming to beat all creation. My lady, your mother, is up in the air. She is having hysterics and tearing her hair, And borders on nervous prostration. Would you wish me to pack your portmaneau at once, And look up the times of the trains, sir? Or perhaps you would rather I brought you a drink, And a pistol to blow out your brains, sir.
The end