Albert Chevalier
1   A Fallen Star
2   A Mistake
3   Ahn's Page Ten
4   Alice
5   An 'Andle To My Name
6   An Old Bachelor
7   Black's De Colour
8   Blue Ribbon Jane
9   Candid Man, The
10   Centenarian, The
11   Christmas Chimes Across The Snow
12   Christmas Song, A
13   Cockney Tragedian, The
14   Cosmopolitan Courtship
15   Coster's 'Oneymoon, The
16   Costers Serenade, The
17   Dat Moon's Mighty High
18   Dolly's Advice
19   Dotty Poet, The
20   'E Ain't Got The Shadder Of A Notion!
21   E Can't Take A Roise Out Of Oi
22   Everflowing Brook, The
23   Funny Without Being Vulgar
24   Future Mrs 'Awkins, The
25   God Guard Victoria
26   Goody Goody Time, The
27   He Jay. Hann
28   He Knew It!
29   'Hecho', The
30   Herr Schwollenhedt
31   Hif Not, Why Not?
32   How Soon We All Forget Those Little Things
33   How?
34   I Shouldn't Do It If I Were You
35   If I'd A Bloomin' Throne To Call My Own
36   In The Good Old Days
37   Is Mind's A Puffick Blank
38   It Get's Me Talked Abaht
39   I've Got 'Er 'At
40   Jeerusalem's Dead
41   Johnnies Serenade, The
42   Knocked 'Em In The Old Kent Road
43   La Fievre Militaire
44   Lag's Lament, The
45   Love Is A Mystery
46   Mafekin' Night
47   Man With A Tear In His Voice, The
48   My Country Cousin
49   My Old Dutch
50   My Sunday Out
51   Napoleon's Last Dream
52   Nasty Way 'E Sez It, The
53   Nipper's Lullaby, The
54   Not A Bit Of Good
55   Not Me, 'Tain't Likely! Would You?
56   Oh! 'Ampstead!
57   Oh! The Langwidge!
58   Our 'Armonics Club
59   Our Bazaar
60   Our Court Ball
61   Our Little Nipper
62   Peculiar
63   Pierrot Coster
64   Poet, The
65   Racecourse Sharper, The
66   Right As Ninepence
67   Rose Of Our Alley, The
68   She Was High, I Was Low
69   Sich A Nice Man, Too
70   Suit The Action To The Word
71   Tink-A-Tin
72   Toymaker's Tragedy, The
73   Ugly Boy, The
74   Veteran, The
75   Village Policeman, The
76   Villains At The 'Vic', The
77   Vive Le Vigneron
78   Waxworks Show, The
79   We Did 'Ave A Time
80   Who'll Buy
81   Wipe Dat Head
82   With Me
83   Workhouse Man, The
84   Wot Vor Do 'E Luv Oi?
85   Wot's The Good Of Hanyfink? Why? Nuffink!
86   Yankee In London, The
87   Yer Can't 'Elp Likin' 'Im
88   Yer Never Ask'd 'Im For It
89   You Are A Tasty Lot
90   You Oughter
91   You'll Have To Pay The Piper
92   Yours, Etc.
93   Yuss! - Coster's Courtship, The
Albert Chevalier specialised in portraying the 'down trodden but dignified cockney' character. He had been a serious actor for 14 years and moved into the music halls late in his career, but he was an instant success. He used dramatic pauses and wide variations in pitch and volume to provide both drama and comedy. He wrote most of his own songs although the music was often composed by someone else. He tended to idealise the cockney lifestyle in his songs, romanticising the living and working conditions of characters such as costermongers, barrow sellers and cab drivers. He helped to make Music Hall acceptable with the middle classes and female upper classes.
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