Charles Coborn (1852-1945)
1   Borrow, Borrow, Borrow
2   Broker's Man, The
3   Come Where The Booze Is Cheaper
4   Four Fingers And A Thumb
5   He Knows The Werry Number On Yer Door
6   He's Alright When You Know Him
7   I'm Rather Too Old For It Now
8   Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo, The
9   Off She Goes Again
10   Oh! The Jubilee
11   Our 'Armonics Club
12   Should Husbands Work
13   That's The Way The World Goes Round
14   Two Lovely Black-Eyes
    Throughout his long and successful career, Charles Coborn was most renowned for two comic songs, 'Two Lovely Black Eyes' which he adapted in 1886 from the song 'My Nellie’s Blue Eyes' and 'The Man Who Broke The Bank at Monte Carlo'. The latter was originally bought for ten pounds, but the rights were eventually sold for six hundred pounds. Coborn later confessed that he had sung the song over 250,000 times and in at least fourteen different languages.
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