HARRY LAUDER (1870-1950)
Harry Lauder
1   Bella, The Belle Of Dundoon
2   Calligan, Call Again
3   Hame O' Mine
4   He Was Very Kind To Me
5   I Love A Lassie
6   I Think I'll Get Wed In The Summer
7   Inverary Harriers, The
8   It's A Fine Thing To Sing
9   It's Nice To Get Up In The Morning
10   Keep Right On To The End Of The Road
11   Killicrankie
12   Last Of The Sandies, The
13   Message Boy, The
14   O'er The Hill To Ardentinny
15   Ohio
16   Roamin' In The Gloamin'
17   Rocked In The Cradle Of The Deep
18   Same As His Father Did, Before Him, The
19   She Is Ma Daisy
20   Stop Yer Tickling, Jock
21   There Is Somebody Waitin' For Me
22   Tobermory
23   Weddin' O' Lauchie M'Graw, The
24   Wee Deoch-And-Doris, A
25   Wee Jean McGregor
26   We'll All Go Hame The Same Way
27   When I Was Twenty One
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