JAMES FAWN (1850-1923)
1   An Obedient Miss
2   As If I Didn't Know
3   Ask A P'liceman
4   Dream Of The Albert Hall, A
5   Exchange And Mart
6   Girls, Girls, Beautiful Girls!
7   Half A Mo'
8   Handyman, The
9   House That Jerry Built, The
10   I Borrowed It
11   I Haven't Quite Made Up My Mind
12   Is It Likely?
13   It's Silly To Wait
14   Kisses (I've Done It Before and I'll Do It Again)
15   Man At The Door, The
16   Masonry
17   No More
18   Off To America
19   Oh! Can It Be Love?
20   Postman, The
21   Sanitary Inspector, The
22   Saving It All For Mary
23   She Trotted Me Off To Church
24   Those Girls At The School
25   We Are Four Jolly Good Fellows
26   We're Moving
27   What Do They Care About That
28   Woman, Lovely Woman
29   You Couldn't Tell T'Other From Which
    James Fawn was a comic singer who was often billed as 'The Prince of the Red Nosed Comedians'. He sang songs about drink and drunks. He would dress in top hat and tails and his lyrics usually parodied the leisured classes. He hiccuped as he sang, claiming that "... it must have been the lobster I've eaten as I've hardly drunk enough to drown a fly!". He is most famous for his number 'If you want to know the time...ask a policeman', which was a satire of the well known fact that if arrested for drunkenness, your watch would probably 'vanish' during your time inside the police station.
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