LITTLE TICH (1867-1928)
Little Tich
1   All Over The Shop
2   Curiosity
3   General, The
4   Girl Got Off At Clapham, The
5   It Went, Went Quick!
6   Lamplighter, The
7   One Of The Deathless Army
8   Park Keeper, The
9   Pirate, The
10   Risky Thing To Do, A
11   Skylark, The
12   Tallyman, The
13   Zoo Keeper, The
Little Tich (real name Hairy Relph) was born on 21 July 1867, one of 16 children whose father ran the 'Blacksmith's Arms' pub In Cudham, Kent. He took his stage name from the infamous Titchborne Claimant trial that lasted from April, 1873, to February, 1874, In this impersonation case, a Wapping butcher's son, Arthur Orton, turned up in Australia, pretending he was Roger Charles Titchbome, lost at sea in April 1854 and heir to an ancient Hampshire baronetcy. Orton, who weighed 25 stones, was sentenced to 14 years penal servitude and then released in 1884, later appearing on the Halls, telling of his adventures and prison experience. Anyone who was stout earned the nickname 'Tich' so Relph, who was barely four feet tall, chose his name in contrast to the physical size of Orton.
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