'Love is a dream, a golden dream' last night I heard a singer scream
And just because I gave a shout and said, 'Hear! Hear! they slung me out
It is a dream, though, she was right, I know because I've had each night
The nightmare, since my love I've seen, and everything I've done has been

Refrain: All for her - the dainty darling - all for her
If we have a fowl for dinner once a year
To the simple flesh I stick, but I leave the bones to pick
All for her - my ox-eyed cowslip- all for her!

I met her at a fancy ball, in face and form the queen of all
Her beauty picture if you can dressed in a feather, and a fan
Her father on our wedding day with tears of joy gave her away
And then, my duty not to shirk, I gave up going out to work.

Refrain: All for her - the dainty darling - all for her
And ever since that happy, happy year
As she says that washing hurts, I've relinquished wearing shirts
All for her - the tender tabloid -all for her.

Whatever she required I'd gain if it took thousands to obtain
That's if the thousands I'd possess, and it could not be got for less
She'd need a thing, and on the spot it would be there - or it would not
One night, remembering 'twas her wish I bought a piece of fresh fried fish

Refrain: All for her - the dainty darling - all for her
Just the middle bit I thought she would prefer
Of my love I know it speaks, I have kept it now for weeks
All for her - the fancy fossil - all for her.

But now, through her, my touch-me-not, on my escutcheon there's a blot
Because one day, in fond regard I thought my darling worked too hard
While taking home some work she'd been, I sold the home, and her machine
Then with a blessing, and the quids, I sloped and left the thirteen kids.

Refrain: All for her - the dainty darling - all for her
But I got looked up - she kicked up such a stir
So I'm waiting with a kiss and some loving words like this
(produces large bludgeon)
All for her - the paralizer - all for her!
Written and performed by John Read (1839-1920)
Performed by George Robey (1869-1954)
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