Great Bacchus god of vintage sparkling!
The first to fill for man, the brimming measure,
The first to fill the bowl of friendship,
We thank thee for the boon, a priceless treasure!
Which ever since that happy day
With us has held it's potent sway!
Bring drink divine, bring sparlkling wine,
And this shall be our toast for aye!

Refrain: Here's to the one you love, my boys!
Here's to the one that's true and free,
I'll be happy I'll be gay!
While I've the money I'll spend it today!
You have a drink,
You have a drink,
Come, all have a drink with me.

Good fellowship to man is needful;
When friends are near us, then the heart rejoices;
It wakes the sweetest recollections,
When'er we hear the old, familiar voices!
And then, with jovial jest, and song,
The time rolls merrily along!
To women rare! the dark, the fair!
We drink again, both deep and long!


What need to pine, though fortune's fickle?
'Tis but the faint heart that that gives way to sorrow;
Today the angry clouds may lower,
But joyous sunshine wakes again tomorrow!
So let us all be gay and free!
Fill up again and drink with me!
Friends true and fast, staunch to the last,
This toast our very own shall be!


Words by Harry Boden and Charles Deane - Composed by F.W. Venton - 1892
Performed by Charles Deane (1866-1910)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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