You talk about jobs, well I've got a job
It's a job that you can call a job
It's not like a job some fellows have got
It's more like a home than a job
I've nothing to do, only what I've to do
And what I've to do, well, it's fun
Some fellows don't know when they've finished their work
When I've done my work - well it's done

Chorus: I never start work till Monday
Tuesday I finish at two
Wednesday I have a half day off
Thursday there's nothing to do
Friday, well, that's early closing
I put all the things on the shelf
On saturday I have a bit of a rest
And the rest of the week to myself.

For years I've been single, I've not had a chance
Of keeping a nice little wife
If I fall in love with a girl, very soon
There's bound to be trouble and strife
I once knew a girl, and I loved her - no kid
She loved me, from what I could see
I bought her some diamonds and choc'lates and things
Then after, she put it on me.

Chorus: We both fell in love on Monday
Tuesday, she promised to wed
Wednesday I bought her a diamond ring
'Now isn't it pretty?' she said
Thursday, well, I put the banns up
Friday she acted unkind
On Saturday she sent her husband round
To tell me she'd altered her mind.

I came into money a short time ago
When no one was looking, you see
So I purchased a motor for five thousand pounds
As money's no object to me
There's not the least doubt it's a beautiful car
It's lined with brown paper inside
I patted myself on the back, and declared
That the next day I'd go for a ride.

Chorus:So on Monday I pushed out the motor
On Tuesday I gave it a clean
Wednesday and Thursday a crowd gathered round
And said, 'What a lovely machine'
On friday I filled it with petrol
And rubbed it all over with lard
On Saturday morning it started to rain
So I pushed it back into the yard.

I've stayed at a few big hotels in my time
Last week I stayed up at Belle Vue
I stayed at a place that cost ten pounds a week
Now that sounds a lot, but it's true
The hotel itself was all right in its way
But one thing that gave me the spike
The food that I got - well, I didn't like much
But I'll just tell you what it was like.

Chorus: On Monday I had bread and dripping
On Tuesday I'd dripping and bread
Wednesday and Thursday, I'd dripping and toast
Well, that's only dripping and bread
On Friday I called in the landlord
And asked for a change, so he said
'All right!' So on Sunday, by way of a change
I got dripping without any bread.
Written and composed 1905 by Charles Lilburn
Performed by Charles Lilburn
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