One Mr Scrag a butcher met with Arabella Brown
And really thought she was the fairest in the town
Not only fair but faithful, and a 'sweet-bread' lady too
So he cast sheeps-eyes upon her and found the pluck to woo
He went upon his 'marrow-bones' and offered her his heart
Down in the kitchen where Miss Brown was making a jam tart
So with the paste still in her hands, she said she'd be his wife
And Scrag the butcher vowed he'd take another rib for life.

Chorus: But never make too sure, misfortune oft will frown
It least it did on Mr Scrag and Arabella Brown.

Arabella was a cook, with waist near four feet round
As nice a piece of kitchen stuff as ever yet was found
A short thick neck and ruddy face, with light brown hair and eyes
But Mr Scrag tho' spare himself thought Cookie quite a prize
He dreamt of 'wedlock' joys, of little girls and boys
Of a nice perambulator and a lot of children's toys
How the marrow bones and cleavers should pay all round the town
Upon the day when he got wed to Arabella Brown.


They say there's many slips between the cup and lip
In courtship many things may chance
That causes us to trip
For cooks are all such scrumptious girls
And policemen very sly
They're always looking after cooks or else the rabbit pie
It wasn't very strange, but just the thing of course
That Arabella should be plagued with someone in the force
And to his horror, Scrag one night saw a tall man go down
The arer steps to have a chat with Arabella Brown.


He followed lightly down the steps and saw what made him quake
The Peeler kiss his sweetheart, Scrag wished he had a stake
To skewer the pair right through the heart,
It would serve them right you know
Since they'd destroyed his weal, why should he mind their woe
He rushed into the kitchen nearly frantic with despair
And seized the tall policeman by the whiskers I declare
He struggled with his rival till they both went rolling down
They overturned the table and Miss Arabella Brown.


The noise brought down the Master, when the artful chap in blue
Declared Scrag was a thief who came to rob the house, he knew
Poor Scrag quite broken-hearted this sad stroke could not endure
So stabbed himself that very night with a large new wooden skewer
The policeman got promoted as policemen often do
For being very active and he married Cookie too
But Scrag's ghost will not let them rest, it wanders up and down
Their house each night calling Arabella Brown.

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