I'm Terrance O'Reilly, I'm a man of renown
I'm a thoroughbred to the back-bone
I'm related to O Connor, my mother was queen
Of China. ten miles from Athlone
But if they'd let me be, I'd have Ireland free
On the railroads you would pay no fare
I'd have the United States under my thumb
And I'd sleep in the President's chair.

Chorus: Is that Mister Reilly, can anyone tell?
Is that Mister Reilly who owns the hotel?
Well, if that's Mister Reilly they speak of so highly
Well upon my soul, Reilly, you're doing quite well

I'd have nothing but Irishmen in the police
Patricks day will be the fourth of July
I'd get me tin thousand infernal machines
To teach the Chinese how to die
I'd defend working men's cause, manufacture the laws
All London should then swim in wine
A hundred a day will be very small pay
When the Bank of Old England is mine.

Chorus: Is that Mr Reilly can anyone tell?
Is that Mr Reilly who owns the hotel?
Well if that's Mr Reilly, they speak of so highly
Well upon my soul Reilly, you're doing quite well.
Written and composed by Howard Wesley - 1883
Performed by Pat Rooney Senior (1847-1892)
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