Wiv 'Arry Brown a pal of mine at night I often go
Round to a pub, a little pub, a cosy little show
A widow lady keeps it and there's one thing very clear
'E finks a lot more of the widow than 'e does the beer
And while they tell their little tales of love across the bar
I keep my "Chivvy chase" inside a pot
"E's very slow, and so I always whisper in his ear
Every opportunity I've got.

Chorus: 'Arry 'Arry 'Arry 'Arry, you've got a chance to marry
A nice little widow wiv a nice little pub
Plenty of bacca, beer, and plenty of grub
I would come round and see you, and keep you company
It would be nice for you an 'er and wouldn't it be nice for me.

Now "Arry is so awkward, why 'e don't know what to do
Proposing ain't in his line, so I'm going to pull him through
I'll write it out on paper so as 'e can make a start
He'll take it home one evening and 'e'll learn it off by heart
And when 'e gets his courage up and throws it off his chest
She'll take 'im on without the slightest fear
And when the job is over, and they start their 'oney-moon
Why, I can stay at 'ome and mind the beer.


When we go round each evening and we 'elp 'er shut the pub
She takes us in the parlour and she fills us up with grub
And when the supper's over, of course, well, there you are
To give them both a chance, I always stroll into the bar
But there 'e sits a moping with 'is thumb stuck in 'is mouth
At courting he's as lazy as a Turk
I told 'im only Yesterday, if something wasn't done
The pair of us would have to go to work.

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Fred Murry/Fred W. Leigh and George Le Brun - 1902
Performed by Alec Hurley (1871-1913)
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