I am the type that now-a-days
Each modern dramatist portrays
My name means extra matinees
I'm such a hit
I'm neither modest, pure or shy
I sometimes rather wonder why
The censor ever lets me by
For I admit, I'm a...

Chorus: Bad, bad, bad, bad, woman, but I'm good, good company
I'm incredibly chic, I've got a perfect technique
A mixture of Venus and Polanegri
I've a bad, bad reputation, but some good, good jewellery
For I've found that in life, men get tired of their wife
But they've always time to see
A very bad, bad, bad, bad woman
If she's good, good company.

I'm pale and sleek and shingled hair
My beauty drives men to despair
I smoke and drink and dope and swear
When in a rage
I am in fact the type of girl
Whom poor strong silent Godfrey Tearle
Eight time a week is forced to hurl
Across the stage, I'm a...

Chorus: Bad, bad, bad, bad, woman, but I'm good, good company
Cleopatra it's true, was a rank ingenue
Compared to what I am and reported to do
I've a bad, bad disposition, but a face that's good to see
I got married of course, husband sued for divorce
And the judge he said to me
You're a very bad, bad, bad, bad woman
But damned good, good company.
PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Rowland Leigh & Richard Addinsell
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