Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me
Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee
Sounds of the rude world heard in the day
Lull'd in the moonlight, have all passed away
Beautiful dreamer, queen of my song
List while I woo thee with soft melody
Gone are the cares of life's busy throng
Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me
Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me.

Beautiful dreamer, out on the sea
Mermaids are chanting the wild lorelie
Over the streamlet vapours are borne
Waiting to fade at the bright coming morn
Beautiful dreamer, beam on my heart
E'en as the morn on the streamlet and sea
Then will all clouds of sorrow depart
Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me
Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me.
Published 1864
Written and composed by Stephen C. Foster
Performed by Christy Minstrels
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