Some chaps who're single wish that they were married
Some chaps who're married wish that they were dead
Some seem to think it's terrible hardship
If there's a wife and kiddies to be fed
I ain't that kind of a fellow,
Though I've been married now eight or nine years
I think the world of my missis
And she seems to think there's no husband like hers
I don't mean to say she's an angel,but she
Is the right sort of wife for a fellow like me.

Chorus: She ain't no airy-fairy, high born lady
I don't care whether her hair is straight or curled
She's tender and true, as wife and mother too
The best little woman in the wide, wide World

When I get home from my graft of an evening
There she's a waiting to give me my tea
Cloth on the table and kettle a-boiling
Ev'rything nice and as clean as can be
Pals try to kid me to join 'em
Over a glass, but that's all very fine
That kind of game doesn't suit me
While I've a home and a missis like mine
We've jogged on together for many a ye'r
She looks after me so I looks after her.


Don't think that I want to make out that she's faultless
My little missis ain't much of a saint
She's got a temper just like all the ladies
A woman ain't much of a woman what ain't
We has our rows and our wrangles
Sometimes it's her fault, sometimes it's mine
But lor, what would life be without 'em?
Clouds always make you think more of sunshine
Some people think money the best thing in life
But my greatest treasure's my kids and my wife.

Written and composed by Fred Leigh/Fred Murry & George Le Brunn
Performed by Alec Hurley (1871-1913)
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