I be a varmer's boy I be, I works at Varmer Higgses,
I scares crows off the turmots and I feed the hens and pigses.
We 'as one pig my word 'e's fat and Varmer says, 'say Billie
How would 'e like to be that pig and I come up and kill 'e?'
'I'd be some good when I was dead,
That's more than you'd be sir,' I said.
They call I Billy Evergreen, Evergreen, Evergreen,
They think as I'm a silly and they try to take me down,
But I larf and wink my eye,
And I say well let 'em try
They'll find that Billy Evergreen 'as fairly done 'em brown.

They give I all the 'ardest jobs - they plays such artful trickses -
For they wants all the ha'pence and to give me all the kickses.
One day old Giles 'e comes along and says to me, 'I say boy,
Now coom and help I build a rick and pass me up the hay boy.'
I worked till I wur fit to drop,
Old Giles wur standin' on the top.
They call I Billy Evergreen, Evergreen, Evergreen,
And Giles says 'How do I get off this rick, you silly clown?'
I says 'I can tell 'e quick
How you can get off that rick,
Shut your eyes and walk about and then you'll soon come down.'

I went up to London Town and walked down Piccadilly,
I rode back on a motor bus, the man thought I wor silly.
I handed him half-a-crown, he put it in his pocket,
He gave me change for two bob and he popped off like a rocket.
When I told Mother she did larf,
She said 'You big fat-headed calf.
And they call you Billy Evergreen, Evergreen, Evergreen,
You'll find a lot of folk like that my boy in London Town.
Gave you change for two bob, lad,
For your half-crown, well that's too bad.’
I said 'I know it's bad, but then so was the half-a-crown.'
Written and performed by Fred Gibson & George Blackmore - 1919
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