Some people fancies that us chaps must have a rare fine time
But I don't mind tellin' yer, it's all right when it's fine
Tho' on the uvver 'and it's rough in Winter when its wet
There ain't no blessed 'biz' about, I gets the blues, you bet
Now in the home where I belongs there's lots of us 'ere chaps
And some of 'em's got fathers, yus, and mothers too perhaps
It's often made me envious, an' sometimes I 'ave cried
When I see chaps like me pass by with mothers by their side.

Chorus: No father have I - no place to call my home
No brother or sister have I, a poor orphan boy I must roam
All I want is a mother's fond love, a thing that to me is unknown
Day after day I must plod on my way, here in this world alone.

Yer knows I had a mother once, her face I've never seen
But if she lived, believe me boys, a credit I'd have been
I'd worked the flesh nigh off me bones, she'd been proud of her young Ned
Whilst I'd got health and strength, my lads, she'd never want for bread
This afternoon some gent comes up, says he ter me, 'Look here
Ain't your name Ned?' says I 'Why yus, that's what they calls me, sir.'
He said how father died at sea, my mother left forlorn
Into the workhouse had to go - she died when I was born.


As soon as it gets dark at night, I knocks off work you know
And to the brigade diggin's with my box and brushes go
Last night, as I lay in bed, my mind wandered far away
As often it has done before for many and many a day
I saw a face, a sweet sweet face, and then a loving smile
I heard a voice say, 'Ned, my lad, God bless you, found at last.'
And I was up in heaven above - with mother it did seem
And there I knew a mother's love - I woke, 'twas but a dream.

Written and composed by G. A. Melverne - 1901
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