Once I'd money plenty,
And friends too, by the score,
Then fortune smiled upon me,
And no-one passed my door;
Now I'm poor and lonely,
And not worth half-a-crown,
No-one seems to know me,
I'm completely broken down!

Chorus: I wander through the world,
And meet with many a frown!
No-one seems to notice me,
Because I'm broken down

With an ample fortune,
I went it rather fast!
The pace was almost killing,
And I found it couldn't last;
Too proud to put the kerb on,
I thought byself high-bred,
And now for want of bread,
At times, I have to fast instead.


Our immortal Shakespeare
Says, 'All the world's a stage,
And every man must play his part.'
From childhood to old age;
And when I think of days gone by,
How, I was made the tool
Of rogues and sharps, 'tis then I know
'My part has been the fool!'


Friends could recognise me,
When Devlin made my coat,
But when I had no 'Note to change',
How soon they 'changed their note!'
An object sad and needy
I wander through the town,
A living paradox am I,
'Hard up!' yet 'broken down!'

Chorus: I wander through the world,
And meet with many a frown!
The times to try your friends, you'll find,
Is when you're broken down.

Written, composed and performed by Harry Clifton (1832-1872)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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