My name is Barney Brett, and I'm trying to forget
A girl, who with her winning ways has charmed me
Her name is Nellie Green, and she's jilted me so clean
For a Captain in the great Salvation Army.

Chorus: Oh that cruel Nellie Green I wish I ne'er had seen
She's gone away and left her Barney
She's left her friends and home, across the sea to roam
With a Captain of the great Salvation Army.

I took my Nellie there, to hear their songs and prayer
At first she laughed, then said, 'Oh, how they charm me'
Before the night was o'er this girl that I adore
Went up and joined the great Salvation army.

Spoken: Yes, that Captain charmed that girl right from my side and took her home in case she met any bad companions. So now I have to sing:-


I followed close behind in an awful state of mind
With jealousy and rage my heart was burning
As they drew near her home they stopped just by a wall
And stood talking there till daylight in the morning.

Spoken: All the time I watched. I thought of attacking him but when I considered his size, and his umbrella, I thought better of and went home saying to myself:-


A few days had passed o'er when a friend called at my door
And the news he brought of Nellie did alarm me
The news that my friend brought was that Nellie had eloped
With the Captain from the great Salvation Army.

Spoken: So if any of you have a sweetheart don't take her to the Salvation Army. If you do you might have to say:-

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