The Belle Of The Ballet

I've just now returned from the Opera,
Where music and beauty are found;
Fair girls are arrayed in such splendour,
And the elite of the west - end abound.
Just grant me your polite attention,
I'll relate of a charmer so fair;
She's a gem of the very first water,
Is my Carrie with the golden hair.

Spoken - Oh how delightful to see those charming creatures, poze and impoze upon our weak hearts. Oh extache delight, for -

Chorus: The ballet was really entrancing,
The beautiful girls were all there;
My Carrie was belle of the dancing,
The girl with the golden hair.

To dilate upon this beautiful creature,
Is a task not so easily done;
She's a Venus in every feature,
And her dancing is really A.1;
She can hop skip and do the little caper,
On her toes, and leap into the air;
The other ballet girls can only ape her,
Yes! my Carrie with the golden hair.

Spoken - 'Tis really marvellous to see her graceful movements, one, two, three, four, (imitates) really exquisite, for -


There's Ada and Sukey and Etty,
And a score of other jolly girls as well;
None of these are really half so pretty,
As my blue eyed little dancing belle.
Sheeps eyes she's continually casting,
At me in the stalls I declare;
I'm thinking of that girl everlasting,
Yes! my Carrie with the golden hair.

Spoken - Yes we sit in the stalls to get a full view of these delightful nymphs, where -


In boquets I spend all my ready,
To throw at my darlings little feet;
She's invited to a 'tea fight' already,
And a 'muffin struggle' at a school treat.
I'm sure to be cut off with a shilling,
By the guv'nor who's as cross as any bear;
But to live on cold mutton I am willing,
In a cottage with my Carrie so fair.

Spoken - Yes! there's the old adage, 'love in a cottage' and tho' the guv'nor does not smile upon our union, no doubt we will be able to invite you all to our weddiny breakfast with the proviso that you bring your own tea and sugar, my Carrie is prepared to accept numerous wedding presents frorm your liberal hands, for -


Written and composed by A.G. Vance
Performed by Alfred Vance (1838 - 1888)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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