In well known days we sing the praise of men renowned in war,
How heroes brave on land and wave have fought for us of yore;
But I will sing of one who fought tho' not in deadly strife,
The noble object that he sought was saving human life, so...

Chorus: A cheer for Samuel Plimsoll and let your voices blend,
In praise of one who truly has proved the sailors' friend.
Our tars upon the ocean, he struggled to defend,
Success to Samuel Plimsoll, for he's the sailors' friend.

There was a time when greed and crime did cruelly prevail,
And rotten ships were sent on trips to flounder in the gale;
When worthless cargoes, well insured, would to the bottom go,
And sailors' lives were sacrificed, that men might wealthy grow.


Full many a boat that scarce could float, was sent to dare the wave,
'Til Plimsoll wrote his book of note, our seamans' lives to save;
His enemies then tried to prove the pictures false he drew,
But with English pluck, to his task he stuck, that task he deemed so true.


Our mariners to us are dear, they are the nation's pride,
Rich merchandize to us they bear across the ocean wide;
And so we then, as Englishmen, will honour and respect,
The man who raised his voice and pen, our sailors' to protect.

Written, composed and performed by Fred Albert (1844-1886)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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