'Twas Christmas time I went to dine,
Along with a dear old friend of mine
And spend a pleasant day, I'm sure
Altho' we only numbered four
We dined off viands rich and rare
And when we had discussed the fare
A pack of cards were soon disclosed
And cribbage was the game proposed.

Spoken - Not understanding the game, they said I should soon learn by simply counting the cards, thus....

Chorus: Fifteen two, fifteen four,
One for his nob makes one hole more
Flush all round and one, two, three
A jolly hand at cribbage is the game for me.

My partner was a lady fair, so sweetly pretty I declare
She filled my heart with love's bright flame
Till really I forgot the game
I made mis-deals, wrong hands I played
And oh such great mistakes I made
That soon I begged to be excused
But this the company all refused.

Spoken - They persuaded me to make another attempt, so bearing in mind that 'faint heart never won fair lady' back I went to....


I whispered when the game was over
'Fair partner tho' we've lost you've won
My heart tonight, and here I swear
That we should make a happy pair
Oh so kindly I'd behave
If you never call me knave
Tho' fortune sends us downs or jumps
Hearts they shall be always trumps.

Spoken - And, thinking to please her, I promised to thoroughly learn the game of...


She soon consented to be mine
We pledged it with a kiss divine
My happiness I scarce can tell
To find I've played my cards so well
Said I, 'For you, my fairest maid,
I'd condescend to wield a spade
All my clubs I will forswear
And diamonds you shall always wear.'

Spoken - Her answer made me so jolly, that I almost commenced to double shuffle. However, we soon pack up for the honeymoon, and cut away to the Continent. And of course, occupy all our leisure time with.....

Written, composed and performed by Fred Albert (1844-1886)
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