Aa's a brokem hairted keelman and as's ower heed in luv
Wiv a young lass in Gyetsid and Aa caall hor me duv
Hor nyem's Cushie Butterfield and she sells yalla clay
And her cousin is a muckman and they caall 'im Tom Gray.

Chorus: She's a big lass an' a bonnie lass an' she likes hor beor
An' they caall hor Cushie Butterfield and Aa wish she was heor.

Hor eyes is like two holes in a blanket bornt throo
An' hor broos iv a mornin' wad spyen a yung coo
An' wnen Aa heer hor shoutin' - 'Will ye buy ony clay?'
Like a candyman's trumpet, it steals me yung hart away.


Ye'll oft see hor doon at Sangit when the fresh harrin comes in
She's like a bagfull o' saadust tied round wiv a string
She wears big galoshes tee, an' hor stockins once was white
An' hor bedgoon it's laelock, an' hor hat's nivver strite.


When Aa axed hor to marry us, she started te laff
'Noo, nyen o' you monkey tricks, for aa like nee sic chaff.'
Then she started a' bubblin' an' roared like a bull
An' the cheps on the Keel ses Aa's nowt but a fyuel.


She ses the chep 'et gets us 'ill heh te work ivvery day
An' when he comes hyem at neets he'll heh to gan an' seek clay
An' when he's away seekin' Aa'll myek baals an' sing
O weel may the keel row that ma laddie's in.

'Cushie Butterfield' is a parody of Harry Clifton’s 'Pretty Polly Perkins of Paddington Green'. It is attributed to the Tyneside music-hall comedian George Ridley, who died the year after the original song was published. Cushie is the exact opposite of Polly. Rather than a 'butterfly,' she is 'a big lass' who 'likes her beer.' Instead of her admirer being a Cockney milkman, she is doted on by a Geordie keel worker. 'Cushie Butterfield' may be seen as a typical down-to-earth Northern English response to Southern proprieties.
Lyrics by George Ridley and music by H. Clifton, arranged by J. Candy, c. 1864
Performed by George Ridley (1834-1864)
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