Take my head on your shoulder, Daddy
Turn your face to the West
It is just the hour when the sky turns gold
The hour that Mother loves best
The day has been long without you, Daddy
You've been such a while away
And now you're as tired of your work, Daddy
As I am tired of my play.

But I've got you and you've got me
So everything seems right
I wonder if Mother is thinking of us
Because it is my birthday night.

Why do your big tears fall, Daddy
Mother's not far away
I often seem to hear her voice
Falling across my play
And it sometimes makes me cry, Daddy
To think it's none of it true
Till I fall asleep to dream, Daddy
Of home, of Mother, and you.

For I've got you and you've got me
So everything may go
We're all the world to each other, Daddy
For Mother, dear Mother once told me so.

I'm sometimes afraid to think, Daddy
When I am big like you
And you are old and grey, Daddy
What you and I would do
If, when we got up to Heaven
And Mother was waiting there
She shouldn't remember the two she left
So sad and lonely here.

But year by year still sees no change
And so 'twill all be right
We shall always meet her in our dreams
Daddy, good night, Daddy good night,
Dear Daddy, dear Daddy, good night, good night.
Words by Mary Mark Lemon - Music by A. H. Behrend
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