It's just two hours ago when I came out to buy
A bit of meat for Sunday, but I cannot please my eye
I've looked at every butcher's shop both sides of Lambeth Walk
Where they're asking sixpence-halfpenny for a bit of pickled pork.

Chorus: I can do what I like with dear old Mike
All the week from Monday
He's as happy as you please, on a crust of bread and cheese
But he likes a bit of meat on Sunday.

On Saturday when he comes home he gives me eighteen bob
To spread that over seven days is not an easy job
You come to pay for schooling, rent, and get the old man's clothes
From 'Uncles' there is not much left for luxuries Lord knows.


One Sunday we'd a dreadful row, I thought that we should part
For dinner I had stuffed and baked a lovely bullocks heart
'Twas tender as a chicken, he declared that it was hard
Then lifted up the window quick and chucked it in the yard.

Written and composed by Harry King - 1890
Performed by Dan Leno (1860-1904)
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