Talk about the shade of the sheltering palm
Praise the bamboo tree with its wide spreading charm
There’s a little nook down our own Hampstead Town
You know the place it has won great renown
Often with my sweetheart on a bright summer’s day
To the little pub there my footsteps will stray
If she hesitates when she looks at the sign
Promptly I whisper, “Do not decline.”

Chorus: Come, come, come and make eyes at me
Down at the old Bull and Bush
Come, come, drink some port wine with me
Down at the old Bull and Bush
Hear the little German band Umpapa Umpapa
Just let me hold your hand dear
Do, do, come and have a drink or two
Down at the old Bull and Bush. Bush-Bush.

In the little parlour on a cold winter’s night
All is very cheerful, so snug, and so bright
Nell looks at me but now not with a frown
She would not change with the Queen and her crown
It was there I first met the joy of my life
She gave her troth and is now my dear wife
Her eyes always glisten when she sees the old sign
So all of you join in a good glass of wine.

Written and composed by A. B. Sterling - R. Hunting - P. Krone - H. Von Tilzer.
Performed by Florrie Forde (1876-1940)
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