(You'll Find A Soldier)
I don't care what you say,
I'm laughing night and day,
If anyone's got the wind up,
I am at 'em, right away;
You want to be prepared, you know,
The proper way to act,
Don't worry about the war,
Old England can't be whacked:

Chorus: Everywhere you go,
Everywhere you go,
Everywhere you go
You'll find a soldier everywhere.
Underneath the arches,
Round Trafalgar Square,
Eyes left,
Eyes right,
You'll find them everywhere;
We're all satisfied,
They're helping us over the tide;
Whether the boys are over here,
Or over the other side,
They're out to win the war,
The way their fathers did before,
Everywhere you go you'll find a soldier

Poor old uncle Ted,
He's always stuck in bed,
He's had the gout and ain't been out,
For forty years, he said;
So I humped him on my back today
And showed him round about,
He quite enjoyed his pick-a-back,
And kept on singing out:

Chorus: ( sailor)

The kiddies down our street,
No kid, they won't be beat,
With hob-nailed boots and old tin hats,
Their army is complete.
They walk about with wooden swords,
Round every thoroughfare,
The youngest son's a sergeant and
He's learning how to swear;

Chorus: ( airman)
PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Harry Champion & Fred Allsop - 1940
Performed by Harry Champion (1865-1942)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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