Of me you may have read, I'm Fashionable Fred
And no matter where I chance to show my face
I'm looked on as the cheese, and all the girls I please
I'm a model swell of elegance and grace
Wire in and go ahead, then, for Fashionable Fred
Pit pat's the way, and sharp about the word
Give me sufficient cash, then see me cut a dash
For whatever's slow in my idea's absurd.

Chorus: Yes, I'm just about the cut for Bel-gra-via
To keep the proper pace I know the plan
Wire in and go ahead then for Fashionable Fred
I'm Fashionable Fred the ladies' man.

My life from first to last has been jolly, gay and fast
In fact to find a faster you'd be teased
In everything I'm quick, the Yankee's call it stick
I'm something like a flash of lightning greased
Yet in any running ground, I'm game you may be bound
To give a flash of lightning ten yards start
I'd run for twenty pound, and ere we'd been twice round
I'd pass it like a bullet or a dart.


This is the age of dash, and all must come out flash
If in this world they try to make their way
If you wear a seedy dress, you’ll find to your distress
All your friends will quickly turn their heads away
Tho' I'm not worth a groat, I wear a decent coat
And rattle on a keep on going ahead
And all the world you see, will fraternise with me
And soon pal in with fashionable Fred.


Tho' in the park I walk, and with the ladies talk
My tailor's bill I always like to run
I canter in the Row, and when to balls I go
I gallop with the charming girls like fun
With the times I keep apace, and with them run a race
Still with them I am always found ahead
I'm ready for a lark, no matter light or dark
Up to any game is Fashionable Fred.

Written and composed by Walter Burnot & J. Conway Brown - 1868
Performed by Walter Laburnum (b. 1847)
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