Out in the gloomy night, sadly I roam
I have no Mother dear, no pleasant home
Nobody cares for me, no one would cry
Even if poor little Bessie should die
Barefoot and tired, I’ve wandered all day
Asking for work but I’m too small they say
On the damp ground I must now lay my head
‘Father’s a drunkard, and Mother is dead’.

Chorus: Oh Mother, why did you leave me alone?
With no one to love me, no friends and no home.
Dark is the hour and the storm rages wild
God pity Bessie, the drunkard’s lone child.

We were so happy till Father drank rum
Then all our sorrow and trouble begun
Mother grew paler, and wept every day
Baby and I were too hungry to play
Slowly they faded, and one summer’s night
Found their dear faces all silent and white
Then with big tears slowly dropping, I said
‘Father’s a drunkard, and Mother is dead’.


Oh, if the temperance men only could find
Poor, wretched Father, and talk very kind
If they could stop him from drinking - why then
I should be so very happy again
Is it too late? ‘Men of Temperance’, please try
Or poor little Bessie may soon starve and die
All the daylong I’ve been begging for bread
‘Father’s a drunkard, and Mother is dead’.

Words by Stella (Of Good Samaritan Division No. 1 Washington, D.C.)
Music composed by Mrs. E.A. Parkhurst - 1866
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