Flanagan said to his girl “My dear
Holiday time will be shortly here
Haven't you thought where you’d like to go?
Hurry up dear for I want to know
The Isle of Anglesey’s all right
Or the Isle of Wight might do”
But the lady said, as she hung her head
“If it’s all the same to you”

Chorus: Flanagan, Flanagan,
Take me to the Isle of Man again
Take me where the folks all cry, K E double L Y
Flanagan, Flanagan, if you love your Mary Ann
Oh! - Flanagan - Take me to the Isle of Man

Flanagan said, "Be advised by me
Never mind Isles in the Irish Sea
Giddy Ostend is a place as fair
Be a good girl, I’ll take you there
The Gay Casino’s simply grand
It’s a sight that none should miss
Only say, 'Oui Oui.' but she said, 'Not me',
All I want to say is this".


Flanagan, who was a brilliant man
Suddenly hit upon a brilliant plan
“Couldn’t we both stay at home?” said he
Marry me, dear, with the L.S.D”
The poor girl blushed a rosy red
Quite a tender spot he’d found
She said “Have your way, but you’ll hear me say
When the honeymoon comes round

Sung by Miss Florrie Forde
Written and composed by Will Letters & C.W. Murphy
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