( Musical Monologue )
He fought for his country as brave men do
Who die for their country's sake
But there was a mightier motive still
And a higher prize at stake
He fought for the fame where glory lies
To win a smile from a woman's eyes
He spurred on his horse to its utmost speed
And thick in the fight rode he
And many a noble heroic deed
Was done in his bravery
But the one reward he craved was this
To find the touch of a woman's kiss
He lived in the saddle from dawn till night
And often till dawn again
And the Sun rose red on a ghastly sight
Of wounded amidst the slain
But thro' the horror of time and place
His thoughts were full of a woman's face
He stuck to his colours until the last
Then sailed for his native land
For his heart was hungry to feel the clasp
Of a woman's tender hand
But life had something to teach him yet
That women of fashion soon forget
He had staked his all on a woman's vow
His life on a woman's kiss
And nothing that mattered could happen now
Since what has happened was this
That he who fearless had faced the foe
Passed from her presence with head bowed low
He went to the dogs at a quicker rate
Than many a man grown grey
For it's very easy to find Hell's Gate
When the Devil leads the way
And one new soul was damned in despair
For sake of a woman, false and fair.
Written and performed by Harry Lemore (d. 1898)
Performed by Bransby Williams (1870-1961)
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