Don't start and pray don't leave your seats,
There's no cause for alarm;
Tho' I've Arrived from warmer sphere,
I mean you all no harm.
I am a ghost, a real ghost too,
That nightly earthward roams;
In fact, I am the spectre of detective Sherlock Holmes.
Detective Sherlock Holmes!

Chorus: 'Sherlock, Sherlock,'
You can hear the people cry,
'That's the ghost of Sherlock Holmes.'
As I go creeping by.
Sinners shake and tremble
Wherever this bogie roams,
And people shout, 'He's found us out,
It's the ghost of Sherlock Holmes'

The man who plots a murder, when
He sees me flit ahead,
Forgets to murder anyone,
And 'suicides' instead.
An anachist with lighted bomb
To cause explosive scenes,
Sees me and drops the bomb, and blows
Himself to smithereens!


The burglar who's a-burgling, when
He finds that I'm at large,
Gets scared and says, 'Policeman, will
You please take me in charge?'
The lady who's shop-lifting tries
To put her thievings back,
And says, 'Oh, Mr. Sherlock, I'm
A Kleptomaniac!'

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Richard Morton & H.C. Barry - 1894
Performed by H.C. Barry
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