Bella Lloyd
The troopship was just upon starting
The soldiers were ordered to war
And I saw my true love departing
Perhaps to return never more
The tears dimmed his eyes as we stood on the strand
And I could not speak - only press his dear hand
He said, ''Tis to fight for old England I go'
I answered 'I know dear' then soft and low,

Chorus: 'Now your country calls you far across the sea
To do a soldier's duty, for England, home and beauty
Think of those who love you, and all the ties that bind you
And soon come back, my own dear Jack
To the girl you leave behind you'

His face lit up then in a moment
So honest, so steadfast and true
'Wherever Fate takes me, my darling
I'll always be faithful to you.
When sleeping at night on the cold tented plain
Your voice in my ears will be ringing again
When facing the foe, in the thick of the fray
In fancy I'll still hear the words you now say.'


He's gone far away, o'er the ocean
To fight for his country and Queen
And gallantly he'll do his duty
'Mid many a wild, war-like scene
And soon he'll be coming back home again
To make me his bride - end all sorrow and pain
I wonder, while speeding back homeward, if he
Will think of my words as we stood on the quay.

Written and composed by J.P. Harrington & George Le Brunn - 1899
Performed by Bella Lloyd (1877-1962)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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