Girls, if you love a man sincere
And want your love to grow
The problem by the root
Just take and feed the brute
Every courtship from the kitchen
Always ought to start
They say that through man's appetite
Is the way to reach his heart.

Chorus: Girls, girls, study your cookery-books
If you want man's affections
Follow the directions
Cook something tasty
Give him the tender part
You must tickle his little Mary
If you want to touch his heart.

Girls, if you follow this advice
He'll do a lot for you
He'll ne'er be rough or rude
His weakest point's his food
Two hours before his dinner
He looks fit to do a crime
He's full of love and kindness
When it's his dinner time.


After the parson's tied the knot
If you're a decent cook
You'll find he won't get blue
If you properly cook his goo
Make his pastry light and he
Should get right in his head
A nice rice pudding reminds him of
The day that he was wed.


Written and composed by Joe Burley & Bennett Scott - 1908
Performed by Florrie Forde (1876-1940)
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