Into a railway station crept a little child one night;
The last train was just leaving and the bustle at it's height.
The station master, standing ther, looked down with wond'ring eyes,
Upon this little maid, so frail, in form, so small in size.
'Where is your father, little one? Are you alone?' he cried.
With tearful eyes she looked up in his face and thus replied,

Chorus: 'Give me a ticket to heaven; That's where dad's gone, they say.
He'll be so lonely without me, travelling all that way.
Mother died when I was born, sir, and left dad and me all alone;
So give me a ticket to heaven, please, before the last train is gone.'

My daddy worked upon the line but when I went tonight;
To take his tea, he lay there on a shutter, eh, so white.
Then to a great big building, his mates carried him away.
'He's booked for heaven, poor old Dick!' I heard one of them say.
A station this must be, I thought to find the train, I'd wait.
But finding none, I ran on here, I hope I'm not too late.


The station master said, 'Come little one, I'll see you right.
A ticket to your father you shall have this very night.'
He took her to the hospital; they let her see her dad.
Though injured, he had not been killed and oh! her heart was glad.
Then turning to that kind friend, who had brought her all the way,
She said, 'If I lose my dad again, I'll come to you and say,


PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Richard Elton & Denham Harrison - 1903
Performed by Denham Harrison (d. 1945)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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